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Investment Process

Invest with confidence

At our company, we stand out from the crowd with our vertical integration approach. We take care of every aspect of real estate investment, from asset identification and due diligence to financing, design and rehab, operations, property management, cost segregation, and disposition. Our comprehensive approach allows us to create portfolios with consistent cash flow, equity upside, and strong downside protection for our investors.
Our Equity, Asset Management, and Property Management Teams work closely together to ensure that we are acquiring sound investments and developing comprehensive strategies for each property. This enables us to make improvements from day one and ensure the long-term success of our investments.


Since 2012, we have solely operated in San Antonio, Texas, and have established strong broker relationships and a well-functioning marketing system that consistently provides us with real estate opportunities that require revitalization. With over 100 acquisitions under our belt, we meticulously analyze and conduct due diligence before securing the property with a blend of our own and investor funds. Our investors benefit from attractive annualized returns, historically ranging from 8-20%, and their investment is secured by the real estate asset.



Following the acquisition, our team commences the repositioning process, which may involve replacing roofs, renovating kitchens, or completely transforming apartment communities, depending on our analysis.

3.Passive Income

Throughout our ownership of the property, our investors receive monthly or quarterly payouts without any involvement in real estate matters or labor.


Upon completion of the project, we sell the property and return our investors’ initial capital along with any additional profits. This cycle can be repeated for passive wealth accumulation.